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It’s the season of new beginnings! Though it can be hard to believe in the dead of winter, running low on energy and cash after the holidays, this marker is an excellent excuse to examine, think and adapt for a year of exploration. Instead of making resolutions for your outdoor adventures, give these a try through the year to unwind, uplift and adventure onward!


1. Go Small

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

It can be easy to spend so much of yourself working and dreaming of a lofty, exciting adventure that your forget to go on small excursions. Keep your mind healthy, body fit and spirit of adventure alive by taking walks, morning runs and embracing those “weekend warrior” places near you.


2. Walk or bike commute when possible

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

Not only will you be shrinking your carbon footprint, which is reason enough, but you will also be moving and breathing outside of a building. Earlier this year, I made a commitment to run all of my errands walking or by bike. I found myself feeling less anxious, making fewer impulse decisions, and even sleeping better with just a small change. Time outside, even in the middle of a city, can transform your days in an amazing way.


3. Try a new adventure sport

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

Have you been eyeing trail running for a while? How about snowshoeing, kayaking or bouldering? Trying a new adventure sport does not have to be expensive and complicated, but it almost certainly will be fun, exciting and challenging. Join a club, find a group, or rent gear to test it out a few times. Not only will you be expanding yourself, but maybe you will find a new passion!


4. Go big

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

Jump in and make a big adventure happen. Build a plan, share it with others, and hold yourself accountable to getting fit, saving up and getting out there! Maybe it’s bikepacking the Continental Divide, or hiking the Annapurna Circuit. It could even be climbing your first 14er: but whatever it is, realistically and seriously assess it, then make your plan to go on the adventure of your dreams.


5. Get stoked 

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

Watch videos and documentaries, read books and lean into your adventure life. Try keeping a journal or using art to express your time and experiences in nature. Find ways to avoid wistfully scrolling through perfect pictures of dream trips to incredible places at the cost of living presently and fueling your own adventure story.


6. Intentionally resist

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

Appreciation for the natural world requires a different approach and perspective than we are often conditioned for in our life as consumers and workers. Practice resisting the endless obligations and ploys that fight for your attention. It could be committing to purchasing less, or only sustainable or used clothes. It could be limiting your time on Netflix or social media to create more chances to get outside. Think about where your time and energy get eaten up, and make manageable changes to be kinder to the environment and return to nature yourself.


7. Give it pizazz

7 Fun Ways to Adventure Better in 2020

To me, adventure pizazz is a special playlist on the way, special treats for the trail and leaving my concerns and weighty thoughts behind to dwindle. Set yourself up well to be present and motivate yourself to have a positive attitude with anything from your favorite breakfast burritos to time with your favorite adventure companions.

Are you ready to make 2020’s adventures some of your all-time bests? Comment to share your adventure dreams for this year, or your personal “pizazz” tips.

I hope to see you somewhere out there this year. Happy New Year! Click here to shop through all of what Cloudline has on offer!

Erin Gautier
Erin Gautier

From Colorado's peaks to international destinations, Erin writes about outdoor adventures, travel, and exceptional coffee. If she is not exploring, Erin is most likely daydreaming about her imaginary, future labradoodle, Evie. Check out her website at, and follow her on Instagram!

2 Responses

Erin Gautier
Erin Gautier

April 03, 2020

@Roger That sounds amazing! I had a trip planned to do the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal… hoping both of our trips are only postponed, not cancelled.


March 04, 2020

great ideas… im planning a trip outta china to the Caribbeans Island.

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