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by Austin Campbell November 06, 2015 3 min read 3 Comments

Podcasts for Adventurers 

4 Outdoor Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure | CloudLine Apparel

The CloudLine team spends a good portion of every day in the shipping department, packing up our premium merino wool hiking socks and shipping them out to happy hikers. To pass the time while we work we like to listen to a few favorite outdoor themed podcasts. These podcasts also often keep us entertained as we make the drive from Seattle to Olympic National park, the North Cascades, or weekend adventures down to Oregon. Each of these podcasts inspires us with ideas for new adventures, stories that capture our imaginations and provide tips for backpacking, hiking, and more. 


1. The First 40 Miles: Hiking and Backpacking Podcast

4 Outdoor Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure | CloudLine Apparel

The First 40 Miles is geared towards beginners and covers a host of topics that a newbie backpacker needs to know to have a safe and fun trip. The hosts Heather and Josh cover everything from choosing hiking socks to what to pack. Even as seasoned backpackers we enjoy listening, and have learned a tip or two. Episodes are brief and informative at under half an hour. If you are new to backpacking or have a friend you want to introduce to backpacking, listen to the First 40 Miles before your first trip.

Listen at thefirst40miles.com or wherever you download podcasts.


2. MTNMeister

4 Outdoor Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure | CloudLine Apparel

MTNmeister host Ben Schenck explores the minds of those who explore. Each week Ben interviews an adventurer from a wide array of outdoor disciplines.  Guests have included climbers, long distance hikers, record breakers, and inspirational individuals that have overcome disabilities and challenges to do amazing things. Think of it as NPR's Fresh Air for Adventurers! 

Listen at mtnmeister.com or wherever you download podcasts.


3. Sounds of the Trail - A Thru-Hiking Podcast

4 Outdoor Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure | CloudLine Apparel

We love The Sounds of the Trail podcast, because it is something completely different, totally genuine, and brings the trail to life. The amazing theme song is by Baby Gramps and we constantly catch ourselves humming or singing it while we work. The hiker behind Sounds of the Trail is Gizmo (her trail name). We love that she is a thru-hiker (she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014) sharing stories about the trail. Episodes feature regular contributors, trail names kimchi, Saina, and Par 3 who are thru-hikers currently on the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail. These contributors share stories, and interview other thru-hikers, all from the trail. 

Listen at soundsofthetrail.com or wherever you download podcasts.


4. The Dirtbag Diaries

4 Outdoor Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure | CloudLine Apparel

For those not familiar, the term Dirtbag refers to someone who lives in a tent or van in order to maximize time spent outdoors climbing, hiking, and enjoying nature. The Dirtbag Diaries tells the stories of these adventurers. Listen with caution as many episodes will inspire feelings of wanderlust and a strong desire to quit your job, sell your belongings, buy a van and head for the mountains. Episodes recount epic adventures, dangerous climbs, and lessons learned in the mountains. The Dirtbag Diaries is well written, beautifully produced, and features awesome music. If you subscribe to one adventure podcast make it the Dirtbag Diaries. 

Listen at dirtbagdiaries.com or wherever you download podcasts.

Get Inspired, Get Outside!

We know it is tempting to discover a new podcast and binge-listen to every back episode but try and resist that urge. Use the inspiration you get from these podcasts to try a new outdoor activity, plan a backpacking trip, or take a road trip to a National Park. 

Looking for even more inspiration? Checkout our collection of outdoor quotes that will inspire you to get outside

Austin Campbell
Austin Campbell

Austin lives in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoys hiking and backpacking in the Olympic and Cascade mountains.

3 Responses


May 01, 2018

A great list, I listen to and enjoy all of these podcasts. Since Sounds of the Trail has stopped releasing new episodes, I’ve also picked Backpacker Radio’s Podcast. Highly recommended! https://thetrek.co/category/podcast/backpacker-radio/

Ed Roberson
Ed Roberson

January 04, 2017

You might also enjoy the Mountain & Prairie Podcast (http://mountainandprairie.com/podcast/) — In-depth interviews with the athletes, artists, ranchers, writers, conservationists, and thought leaders who are shaping the future of the American West. Your customers may especially enjoy the interviews with Andrew Skurka, Joe Grant, Jason Schlarb, and Brady Robinson. Keep up the great work!

Pacific North Wanderers
Pacific North Wanderers

June 10, 2016

This is exactly what we need, thanks for sharing! We subscribed to all of them on Google Play Music :-)

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