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Beat the Crowds and Hit the Trails: How to Find Solitude While Hiking

When summer finally rolls around, there’s nothing better than throwing the essentials in your pack, lacing up your boots, and setting off on one of your favorite trails.

Lately, though, our favorite trails have seen more traffic. Hiking continues to become a more popular activity, and why shouldn’t it? It’s fun, it’s (often) free, and it’s good for you.

But there are some potential downsides to a popular activity - especially one that takes place on public lands. Maybe you’re getting tired of packed trailheads and throngs of other hikers. And those overflowing trash cans can’t be good for the local wildlife. Sure, it’s great that everyone else is enjoying the outdoors, but it’s not always fun to share your favorite trails.

It may not be possible to find complete solitude at that once-unknown lake or that hard-to-reach peak - but there are some measures you can take to enjoy a little more quiet on the trail.

Read on for tips about how to avoid the crowds while hiking - and how to help others have a peaceful experience on the trail.

Beat the Crowds and Hit the Trails: How to Find Solitude While Hiking

When to Go

One of the most important considerations when planning a hike is when you’ll go. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, be strategic about when you head to the trail.

  • Set the alarm for an early morning: Sure, it’s nice to enjoy a leisurely start to your day, but if you want to hike a popular trail and have some solitude, it’ll be well worth a pre-dawn wake-up. Hiking early in the morning is a refreshing way to start your day - just make sure you pack a headlamp if you’re hitting the trail before sunrise.
  • Don’t forget about the evening, either: Most people hike in the middle of the day, returning to the trailhead in the afternoon. As the crowds start to disperse, you can enjoy your destination in the quiet evening hours. Again, bring a headlamp if you’re going to be out after dark. And consider the wildlife, terrain, and other risks in your area before deciding when to be out on the trail.
  • Go for a hike in the middle of the week, when most people are at work: Crowds swell on the weekends, so if you’re able, save the most popular hikes for a mid-week adventure.
  • Don’t be afraid to hit the trail on a drizzly day. Sunny, clear days draw the crowds, and a little rain is often enough to scare most people away. If you have a good raincoat and a spirit of adventure, there’s no reason to stay indoors instead of enjoying an empty trail. Just keep an eye on the forecast, and avoid hiking in thunderstorms.

Beat the Crowds and Hit the Trails: How to Find Solitude While Hiking

Where to Go

Choosing where to hike is even more important than choosing when to hike. Unless you have a bucket-list destination or favorite trail you’re dying to explore, it helps to have an open mind when planning your next adventure. Choosing places that don’t top everyone else’s list is an easy way to gain a little solitude.

First, open any guide books you might have on your shelf.

These days, we’re used to a quick internet search finding us the best trails in our area. But often, that top-rated hike you found after a 2-second Google search is the same top-rated hike that everybody else found. So you can expect that trailhead to be a little nutty.

Instead, dust off those old guidebooks and see what’s there. Old favorites get overshadowed by newer, more Instagrammable ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less special.

Next, consider lesser-known areas.

We all know what kind of iconic landscapes exist in our National Parks, and that’s because we always hear about them. And for that reason, they tend to be busy. Rather than those jam-packed trails in a well-known national park, are there National Forest trails nearby?

Often, National Forests are just as beautiful as the parks - but they’re usually less crowded. National forests can even contain Wilderness Areas - places managed without any permanent human presence. These are some of the most quiet, gorgeous, and memorable places to hike - so don’t overlook them!

Of course, federal public lands aren’t the only places to hike - we often forget the underrated wild in our own backyards. Check out nearby state parks, county parks, and even city parks for lesser-known but equally worthwhile trails.

Beat the Crowds and Hit the Trails: How to Find Solitude While Hiking

How to Go

Sometimes we only have an hour or two for a quick jaunt in the woods, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Any time in nature is well worth the effort. But if you’re itching for solitude and have more time to spare, think about striking out on an extended trek.

Keep in mind this simple pattern: The farther you hike, the less people you’ll see. If you’re feeling adventurous and can spare a whole day, choose a longer trail to get away from the crowds.

Depending on your level of adventure and skill, you can find even more solitude by camping out in the backcountry.

Backpacking lets you sleep under the stars, cook outdoors, and experience the sounds of nature away from civilization. It also lets you cover more ground over a longer period of time - or get an early start to a backcountry destination.

Backpacking takes a lot of planning and preparation, so do your research and head out with an experienced friend.

Beat the Crowds and Hit the Trails: How to Find Solitude While Hiking

Be a Steward of the Trail

Enjoying a quiet, cared-for trail - whether on a day hike or while backpacking - is a true privilege. And while there are a lot of things you can do to find solitude in the woods, there are also things you should do to help make other visitors’ experiences equally special.

The best way to enhance everyone’s outdoor experience is to get familiar with Leave No Trace (LNT) practices. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has come up with 7 principles for outdoor enthusiasts to follow while spending time in nature.

The goal of these 7 principles - and the rest of this organization’s mission - is to teach people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. When you’re on the trail, do your part by adhering to LNT’s 7 principles:

  • Plan ahead and prepare: The more prepared you are, the better equipped you’ll be to follow all of the LNT principles. Plus, planning ahead minimizes the chances you’ll need any emergency services and resources.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces: You don’t want to contribute to erosion or cause any unnecessary damage to vulnerable vegetation. Staying on trails helps keep the surrounding areas healthy.
  • Dispose of waste properly: Obvious, right? Not always. Those cookie crumbs and apple core need to leave the wilderness with you, too. And check out the guidelines around human waste and toilet paper in the area where you’re hiking so you will be prepared on all fronts.
  • Leave what you find: This applies both literally and figuratively. No one wants to see your initials carved into a tree. And those wildflowers should stay where they’re growing. Leave what you find so the next visitors can enjoy everything you did.
  • Minimize campfire impacts: It’s no secret that human-caused wildfires are a serious threat to safety and health. Know the regulations before heading out - a campfire isn’t always a good idea.
  • Respect wildlife: Seeing wildlife is one of the greatest joys of outdoor adventure. Keep them (and yourself) safe by keeping your distance and knowing how to prevent dangerous encounters.
  • Be considerate of other visitors: If you’re looking for a quiet trail, it’s likely other hikers are, too. Respectful visitors can make all the difference between a peaceful outdoor experience and a seemingly overcrowded one.

Follow these principles - and share them with friends - to contribute to healthier, more beautiful trails.

Hit the Trail

Hitting the trails during the summer is one of the best ways to enjoy this carefree season. But we’re not the only ones who think so. We hope these tips help you find a little peace, solitude, and inspiration as you head out on your next adventure.

What tips did we miss? Let us know how you navigate your favorite much-loved trails by dropping a comment below.

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