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by Sara Thompson March 15, 2016

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A Woman's Guide to the Wild by Ruby McConnell

Spring hiking season is just around the corner and a newly published book, A Woman's Guide to the Wild: Your Complete Outdoor Handbook  by Ruby McConnell has everything you need to get ready for a summer full of adventure! I was lucky enough to score an early copy and have been reading it cover to cover this week and dreaming about testing out all of the tips, recipes, and new techniques I've been reading about. 

A Woman's Guide to the Wild is divided into 11 chapters covering topics like where to go, what to pack, survival skills, lady matters, and much more.


It's Called Mother Nature So Why are the Great Outdoors Dominated by Men?

A Woman's Guide to the Wild by Ruby McConnell

In the introduction to her outdoor handbook, Ruby describes a feeling that I can relate to as an outdoors woman.

"Regardless of how much time I spent outside, how far into the backcountry I went, or what kinds of challenges I took on, there seemed to be an underlying current—a low hum of voices from the media, the mainstream, and men—insisting that the wilderness was no place for women." - Ruby McConnell

In A Woman's Guide to the Wild, Ruby champions the woman adventurer with her experience and knowledge of all aspects of the great outdoors. Her book provides a manual to for both the accomplished and aspiring outdoors woman, with everything she needs to stand toe to toe with even the most rugged outdoorsmen.


What I Love About A Woman's Guide to the Wild

The Illustrationsby artist Teresa Grasseschi on the cover and throughout the book are lovely. Teresa's art depicts much of the advice in the book, from the different ways to build a fire to how to master backcountry orienteering. 


The Expert Advice from Ruby in A Woman's Guide to the Wild, is supplemented by short sections from female outdoors experts who add their unique perspective and advice on the topics. These sections are great because they are informative and also introduce the reader to other women who are doing great things in the outdoors!

The Female Perspective Ruby brings to the subject of the outdoors is something I never knew I was missing in the other outdoor books I've read. There are many things that an outdoorsmen forgets to consider when sharing advice about the wild. For example a man will outline how to us the bathroom in the backcountry, how far from water you need to be, how deep to burry your business and packing out your toilet paper, but Ruby brings it home for women by sharing how to avoid peeing on your hiking boots (seriously, I could have used this advice on my first backpacking trip).

The Resource Section at the end of A Woman's Guide to the Wild provides a great list of online resources for where to get the gear you learned you needed while reading the book, where to find woman's outdoor organizations, and links to other outdoor resources. 


A Great Read to Prep for Summer Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping

I gladly give A Woman's Guide to the Wild my recommendation for woman who love the outdoors or are wanting to get outside more. It is entertaining and full of great tips and advice for the outdoorsy (I even caught my boyfriend reading it).

You can read more form Ruby on her blog, follow her on Instagram, and grab a copy of A Woman's Guide to the Wild on Amazon.

Sara Thompson
Sara Thompson

Sara is a Seattle native and enjoys hiking and exploring in her Westfalia Van with her dog Wally.

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