From Sheep to Feet: CloudLine Hiking Socks | Cloudline Apparel

From Sheep to Feet: CloudLine Hiking Socks

Where Do Hiking Socks Come From?

From Sheep to Feet: CloudLine Merino Wool Hiking Socks

A lot of work goes into the design and creation of CloudLine merino wool hiking socks. The CloudLine team loves hiking and obsesses over every detail from wool selection to trail testing and design tweaking. The result is an ultra soft hiking sock that keeps feet happy and blister-free mile after mile. 

CloudLine Hiking Socks: made from premium, itch-free, ultra-soft merino wool

Better Wool Makes Better Hiking Socks

CloudLine sources merino wool from around the world based on strict criteria. CloudLine uses only high-quality wool from farms that have sustainable and cruelty-free production standards. Most of CloudLine's wool comes from Uruguay, which only produces "mulesing-free" wool. Mulesing is a painful and cruel method to prevent a type of fly infestation in sheep. Unfortunately, this method is very common elsewhere around the world.

From Sheep to CloudLine Hiking Socks


The Merino breed of sheep is special. They produce a much finer wool than most other breeds which creates an incredibly soft fiber. These special properties, along with wool's ability to wick moisture, breath, and resist odor make it a perfect ingredient for a premium hiking sock like CloudLine's. 

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Hiking Socks Knit for Adventure

A fresh pair of CloudLine merino wool hiking socks ready for adventure

CloudLine's hiking socks are made in the USA using Lonati and Sangiacomo knitting machines, which can turn the fine merino wool into a pair of premium hiking socks with seam-free toes in under 4 minutes. Afterward, the socks are washed, dried and packaged. Each sock is then carefully inspected for quality and consistency before being shipped to happy hikers everywhere.

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