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Buzz & Amo go to Kenya

Buzz & Amo go to Kenya

by Amoris Walker April 04, 2017

Christine “Buzz” Busby and I met this January at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. We were both sitting at the tables by KEEN’s enormous booth and our mutual friend introduced us. Within minutes we were both divulging stories of our latest adventures and our future travel plans. Buzz struck me right away as a woman who gets things done. The kind of person who doesn’t sit around and hope the next project will roll into her lap, someone who is on the phone, blogging, emailing, photographing, and scanning flights on Kayak.com all the time. So when she told me that she had been working on this project in Kenya for almost a year and it was about to come full circle (digging a well in a Masai community that she helped raise the money for), her enthusiasm and optimism was palpable.

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