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CloudLine Hiking Socks Photoshoot with Prowess All Veterans Modeling Agency

by Austin Campbell November 11, 2015

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Honoring Soldiers for Veterans Day

CloudLine merino wool hiking socksVeterans Day, is a special day for CloudLine, because all of our hiking socks are proudly made in the USA. We make our socks here because we care about quality, and we love our country. The military and the Veterans who have served are an important part of what makes America a special place. We are proud to be working with Prowess, the nations first all Veteran modeling agency. Prowess is unique because they work exclusively with Veterans and their families, providing opportunities for service members transitioning into civilian life after years of honorable service. We chose Prowess for a photoshoot featuring our hiking socks because we believe in their mission and the Veterans they represent.

Prowess - All Veterans Modeling Agency

Prowess is set apart from traditional modeling agencies by it's mission to help veterans build careers in the modeling, entertainment and fashion industries. Model categories include Prowess Women, Prowess Men, Prowess Curvy, Prowess Physique and Prowess Brats. Owned and operated by Veterans, prowess models are uniquely qualified to represent patriotic brands. We choose to work with Prowess because it just made sense to have our Made in the USA hiking socks modeled by American heroes.

Meet a Few Members of the Prowess Team

Christopher Matthews - Prowess Model

Chris while serving in the Army

Chris joined the Army in 2009 and was deployed to Iraq. While serving in Iraq, Chris spent his down time in the gym, with a goal of taking his physique to the next level. His fellow soldiers noticed his dedication, saw his results, and asked to train with him. In 2012 Chris finished his military service and transitioned his passion for fitness into a new career as a personal trainer. Most recently Chris has started modeling fitness and fashion with a goal to break into acting. Best of all Chris makes our hiking socks look great!

Chris Mathews modeling CloudLine Hiking Socks

See more of Chris on his Fitness Youtube Channel and on Instagram @k1lla__cam


Chiquita Pena - Prowess Photographer 

Two-time Army Combat Veteran Chiquita Pena photographed models wearing the CloudLine Hiking Sock

Photography by SGT Chiquita Pena, a two-time Army Combat Veteran. Chiquita takes amazing photos and the shoot she did for our hiking socks turned out better than we could have hoped! 

See more of her work by following her Instagram, @reinadepena.

Supporting Veterans

Do you own a company or work for a brand that needs modeling or photography talent? Consider working with Prowess, they do great work and your company can feel a sense of pride to be supporting our Veterans. 



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Austin Campbell
Austin Campbell


Austin lives in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoys hiking and backpacking in the Olympic and Cascade mountains.

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