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May 06, 2016 2 min read

Socks for Your Next Adventure

Introducing CloudLine Ambassador Kelli Spencer

Blackstone and Beloit Glacier | Whittier, AK Acrylic and Ink by Artist Kelli Spencer

Blackstone and Beloit Glacier | Whittier, AK Acrylic and Ink

From the beginning of my childhood, I was encouraged to wander, explore, and create. That basic principle of discovering the unknown has led me on a journey of big mountain exploring consisting of skiing, climbing, ice climbing, hiking, and kayaking. I push every boundary and challenge myself constantly, both mentally and physically.

 CloudLine Ambassador Kelli Spencer Ski Jump

I love that my passions have arrived at a cycle. The world gives me snow and big mountains I can ski and summit, and in return I give the world my art. It is an invigorating exchange of energy that makes my life meaningful. One side of my work could not exist without the other. I am drawn by my passion to be in the mountains, away from everything, and to become a part of the environment. It’s a beautiful thing, to experience the mountains and valleys, and physically feel their toll on your body. It gives me an appreciation for life and drives my creativity. I can come back from an excursion and sit and paint for a full day, excited and driven from my time away in the mountains.

 Exit Glacier | Harding Ice Field, AK Acrylic & Ink by Artist Kelli Spencer

Exit Glacier | Harding Ice Field, AK Acrylic & Ink

I tend to paint the mountains I have become familiar with…the mountains I most recently summited. My goal is to bring together the unforgiving elements of the peaks and to also add an inviting feeling (the one I feel before summiting a peak). I want the viewer to feel welcomed when looking at my painting of a mountain or glacier, to be in awe of how majestic it is, and to be humbled of the real destination. I also paint as a way to remember the time I spent in that special place. I don’t tend to go back to the same places, and I don’t ever want to forget the peaks I have summited or the glaciers I have traversed. Painting those memories lets me remember, and be thankful for those times I spent there.

CloudLine Ambassador Kelli Spencer Heli Skiing

When I ski and when I paint, I am celebrating the human body and its connection with the surrounding world. I want to light a fire inside the viewer. A curiosity that cannot be contained and that must be acted upon. If successful, I have promoted the great outdoors and pushed someone to experience their own life in a new way.

 Mt. McKinley | Denali National Park, AK Acrylic and Ink by Artist Kelli Spencer

Mt. McKinley | Denali National Park, AK Acrylic and Ink

I am not just a ski mountaineer or just a painter. I am both, and that makes me unique.

CloudLine Ambassador Kelli Spencer on the Mountain 

For more visit www.kellispencer.net and follow Kelli's adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kelli Spencer
Kelli Spencer

CloudLine Ambassador | Professional Adventure Skier & Mountaineer | Environmental Activist | Artist

4 Responses


September 15, 2019

Pretty disappointed to see this still up on your website, Cloudline. Kelli Spencer is a scam, and this interview is bogus. It should be removed.


November 16, 2018

Found this article while trying to find the person (Kelli Spencer) who has been ripping off Rachel Pohl’s art and copied my partner’s professional ski mountaineer website verbatim, including falsifying accomplishments. Would also recommend you removing this interview, both for ethical reasons, and because it’s not the best look to be the third result in a Google search many are doing to figure out who Kelli is.

Rachel Pohl
Rachel Pohl

November 16, 2018

Thanks Sam for standing up for me and others. Yes, this needs to be taken down. This particular work copies Iuna Tinta. She has copied upwards of a dozen people in words, art, job title, web design… Please remove this interview.


November 15, 2018

Kelli directly copies and sells other people’s work as her own. She illegally plagiarizes both Rachel Pohl’s and Brody Leven, among probably other people. This is why her website and instagram are down right now. Please take away her sponsorships.

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